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I save inspirations for my calligraphy blog (beantcalligraphy) here , some cool quotes, and some musings of my own sometimes....hope you enjoy it!
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No man’s land: practice with gouache. Me likes!


Love in flow: water colors on canvas.
Could be better but like the idea.


Happy B’day Zubi!! Wish you a beautiful and a wonderful life ahead!


'Vol' (French) meaning 'Fly'. Heard this word in a song that my brother showed me on YouTube and liked it.


Oh! - trying out the new acrylics I bought, on paper.


Washed out: fun with wet gouache!



Pencil vs. Camera by Ben Heine


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The Times Cover 2

The first issue of New York Times was published in 1851. The intention was to publish a newspaper which is an alternative to the more lurid ones in that time. With John Swinton the times got more and more famous. SInce 1969 the times magazines went through a big rows of modernization.

Entertainment, games, economy, education, sport, travelling, even fashion and style. Thanks to that time we got the interesting cover art on the style magazine which is the initial of the NYT interpreted by a contemporary artist. Enjoy these inspirations!

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Dippin’ & swervin’ #ink #calligraphy #typography #apeninja #handstyle

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Trying to match the invitation’s colors. It’s always a good idea to mix a ton of gouache when you get the color right, because it may be difficult to get the exact color again.

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