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I save inspirations for my calligraphy blog (beantcalligraphy) here , some cool quotes, and some musings of my own sometimes....hope you enjoy it!
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Don’t Mess With Me
by Jas Charanjiva


Don’t Mess With Me

by Jas Charanjiva

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Work in progress! 😁 for @mylifepix #hotairballoon #painting #loveisintheair #calligraphy #moderncalligraphy

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We have Mary Poppins at the theater this week and I am a sign goddess!

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Alejandro González
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Greetings Calligraphy fans, Contributors, and Patrons. I am Cidio the Editor at one amazing Calligraphy project. This is the monthly status update. It’s doing well.

I promote Calligraphy and the Artists who make it. That’s my job, full time. Trying to get a million followers. Trying to get paid. It’s pretty simple.

But first, if you enjoy the Scribe By Night project as much as I do please join me and send thanks out to this months Sponsors pbcwrites, runongirl, unhappy-single, lawofremy, pattymarq, and our newest sponsor william-michaelis. Thank you everybody.image

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Shadow: “when one becomes a shadow of oneself, and you can’t see the person for the shadow dwarfs everything else.”


Crow King: because graffiti festival in Eindhoven and I like ink splashes!


Daylong: Because it was summer solstice yesterday and it’s the Eindhoven graffiti festival this weekend…



Someone left this post-it on my desk and I don’t think I’ll ever recover.


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